Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services

I offer online long and short-term therapy for individual adults and couples in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley and online for residents of California, Colorado, and Illinois. Some of my areas of interest and specialization include:

  • Women in mid-life and beyond;
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender, queer, and questioning concerns (LGBTQQ++); 
  • Career issues;
  • Women interested in understanding themselves at a deeper level and/or who have a sense that they are lost or not on the right path;
  • Psychotherapists seeking therapy for themselves;
  • Caregivers;
  • People who struggle with emotional connection and expression. 

Online Psychotherapy

I have been offering online psychotherapy since 2010 and have found that it has pros and cons–just like meeting in person. I use a safe and secure platform that is easy to use. This is a great option, especially as we grapple with the ongoing Covid-19 situation. It also offers the opportunity to work with a therapist you are interested in working with who may not be in your immediate area. Many people have appreciated being able to meet with a therapist without the stress of traffic, parking, or often unreliable public transportation. Please contact me for more information or to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about telehealth.

More About My San Francisco Bay Area Psychotherapy Practice

The people I work with come from many cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. They represent a wide range of sexual orientations and gender identities, including lesbian, bisexual, straight, gay, questioning, and none-of-the-above. They are people seeking answers to specific problems that keep them up at night: for example, career, relationships, self-esteem, mid-life issues, relocation, or the challenges of living in San Francisco or in a world that seems to become increasingly stressful. They are often people who are intelligent and articulate, solid and successful in their careers, yet they may have difficulty accessing their emotions or sharing their feelings with others.

Whether the idea of talking to a therapist is exhilarating to them or terrifying, they are people who want to look at their lives in a deeper and more meaningful way. Some of them are people who have had bad experiences in therapy or who think therapy won’t be helpful to them. Many of the people I work with just need a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place to talk about what is going on for them and help them make sense of their thoughts and feelings. My clients share a common perspective that two minds looking at a problem together can create greater possibilities than one mind looking at something alone. 

I am happy to address your questions and concerns in a complementary, no-pressure, phone consultation where we can look at what is going on for you and whether therapy might be the next step. I can be reached at 650-383-7654 (phone link works from smartphones only) or via email at info@marlacass(dot)com. Please be aware that, due to the limitations of electronic transmission, emails and calls placed from mobile devices may not be secure.