Fees and Important Information

Fees and Important Information

This page contains important information that is also covered under Answers to Some Common Questions about Therapy.

What Are Your Fees?
My current fee is $200 per session for both individuals and couples. Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length and are held weekly or more frequently.

Can I Come to Therapy Every Other Week?
This is an important question that is frequently asked. I meet with peopleĀ  weekly or more often. For more information about this topic, please read my blog post, which can be found by clicking Here.

Do You Accept Insurance?
I do not work directly with insurance companies. While insurance can be a way to help make therapy more affordable, I encourage you to think carefully before using your insurance for therapy services. Your insurance company will likely require that your therapist provide a diagnosis along with regular updates regarding your progress in therapy. You and I do not have control over how the insurance company may use that information, which is especially concerning given that the issues of healthcare and preexisting conditions remain unresolved in the current political environment. Also, therapy is not just for solving problems, but is also an opportunity to look at ourselves at a deeper level and create the potential to lead richer, more fulfilling lives. This kind of self-exploration is not something typically covered by insurance.

Information Regarding Possible Out of Network Reimbursement.
I am happy to provide receipts and “superbills” that you may be able to use to obtain out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company or flex plan account. Please note that you would be responsible for payment to me at the time of service and you would then submit the “superbill” (provided monthly) for reimbursement to be made directly to you. Please check with your plan administrator and insurance company to make sure that you are able to obtain reimbursement for out-of-network providers and make sure that you are aware of any restrictions and/or deductibles. Also, while reimbursement from a flex plan account usually requires just a receipt from a provider, out-of-network reimbursement may require additional information such as a diagnosis. I encourage you to think about the possible downsides of submitting superbills to your insurance company and I am happy to discuss this with you. Please see What About Using My Insurance? above.