Welcome to my San Francisco Psychotherapy Office

Uncommon Psychotherapy for Uncommon People in Downtown San Francisco

marla-cass-sf-psychotherapistIn my downtown San Francisco counseling and psychotherapy office, I help individuals and couples who are seeking answers to the questions that have kept them from fully engaging in their lives and in their relationships.

You might be thinking about therapy because of a desire to know yourself in a deeper way, or you are here because you are struggling with a problem you have not been able to resolve. You may be dealing with something very specific, such as difficulties with your spouse or partner or it may be a little harder to name. You might be feeling shut down and having difficulties getting in touch with your emotions or sharing your emotions with others — or even knowing what you are feeling — and it is getting in the way of your relationships. You may have concerns about your career or are struggling due to life transitions, including reaching midlife. Maybe you are in the process of questioning where you fit on the continuum of gender identity and sexual orientation. Or things may seem pretty good right now, yet you still have an unsettling feeling that there should be more meaning and purpose to your life.  

Wherever you are at on your journey, whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, or none-of-the-above; comfortable with your gender identity or not, therapy can help you take the next step. My approach is very much influenced by my Midwestern background: intelligent and warm, while also genuine and straight-forward. This includes demystifying the process of therapy and making it as accessible as possible.

I invite you to look over my website for more information about psychotherapy and my approach to psychotherapy. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions,  I am happy to offer a complementary initial phone consultation. Please contact me at 415-218-2442 (phone link works from smartphones only) or at info@marlacass.com.